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Privacy policies

Welcome to Hotellide Operaator OÜ (reg.code 16424587, Mõisavahe 21, Tartu) privacy policies. Hotellide Operaator OÜ respects the privacy of our customers and anyone else whose data we come into contact with. We make effort to strive and ensure that data is protected and securely processed.

In this Privacy Policy, we describe how Hotellide Operaator OÜ processes your personal information when you contact us, book your accommodation with us, or browse our website. Please read the privacy policy carefully. Hotellide Operaator OÜ may make changes to its Privacy Policies from time to time. If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact details on the Contact tab.

When you contact Hotellide Operaator OÜ to book your accommodation, we must process personal information about the client that also contains personal information. The personal data we process about the client depends on the specific contractual or pre-contractual relationship between the client and Hotellide Operaator OÜ. The personal information we process about our clients may include the following:

  • first and last name;
  • personal identification code or date of birth;
  • details of the identity document;
  • contact details (address, e-mail, telephone number);
  • other contract-related information (booking period, price, payment information or other information provided in the booking).

Hotellide Operaator OÜ provides clients with interesting content and accommodation through the website. Through Hotellide Operaator OÜ website you can order personalized offers to your e-mail address or book Hotellide Operaator OÜ services.

When submitting a request through the Hotellide Operaator OÜ website, we will only process the information you have provided us. If you make an inquiry to us or make a booking to access the service through the website, we will process your personal information solely to respond to your inquiry or to book a service with you. The data processed to use our e-services may include the following personal data:

  • first and last name;
  • postal address and postal code;
  • Contact details (e.g., email address and / or phone number)
  • any other information you provide toHotellide Operaator OÜ when using the e-services.

Hotellide Operaator OÜ website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files sent by a web server to a user’s web browser and stored on the hard disk of the user’s computer. Our websites use cookies for identification, analysis and advertising purposes. Hotellide Operaator OÜ e-service cookies store the following information about you:

  • information about your hardware and software (type of your browser, operating system);
  • IP address
  • website visiting times;
  • The address of the webpage that links to the webpage.

By using this website, you give consent to access and store cookies on your device. You have the right to disable the use of cookies at any time, but, some parts of the website may not function properly. For more information about using cookies and setting your preferences, please see our Cookie Policies.

Hotellide Operaator OÜ websites may also include links to third party websites. Hotellide Operaator OÜ is not responsible for the content and security of third party websites and the use of third party websites is at the customer’s own risk.


Users can also contact Hotellide Operaator OÜ (Hotell Citystop) through our social media channels. For example, clients can send a message or post a message through our social media channels. In this case, we may use the information in client’s message or post to answer the inquiry or question. In order to respond to client’s inquiry, we may ask for additional information, such as name, email address, telephone number, location (city / country), by direct or private message. The information submitted via social media is not used for any purpose other than answering request, but we may use other data to improve our services or for marketing purposes.

When posting on a Hotellide Operaator OÜ public social media page, please be aware that it should never include sensitive information, that you do not wish to be shared. Please note that information posted to a public social media channel page can be read by all users of that social media channel.


In some cases, Hotellide Operaator OÜ may transfer your personal information to third parties within the European Economic Area. Hotellide Operaator OÜ may transfer your personal information to:

  • Hotellide Operaator OÜ cooperation partners to whom data transfer is necessary to provide the best service, such as IT support service providers, marketing partners, etc .;
  • other authorized processors of Hotellide Operaator OÜ
  • Hotellide Operaator OÜ has a controller of personal data, Hotellide Operaator OÜ transmits personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Montonio Finance OÜ.

When using authorized processors, Hotellide Operaator OÜ shall use only authorized processors that ensure an adequate level of data protection in accordance with the legislation in the European Union. If you have any further questions about Hotellide Operaator OÜ Authorized Processors, please contact us using the contact details on the Contact page.

RETENTION OF PERSONAL DATA Hotellide Operaator OÜ will retain personal data in a form that allows to be identified only for as long as it is reasonably necessary for the purpose of collecting personal data or justified by the legitimate interest of Hotellide Operaator OÜ, provided that Hotellide Operaator OÜ’s legitimate interest and interference with data subject’s rights and freedoms.

When storing personal data, we observe the following retention periods:

  • The data collected for the purpose of making a reservation will be kept for as long as it is necessary for the performance of the contract during the term of the contract or for up to 3 years after the period of accommodation;
  • We keep the original accounting records for 7 years;
  • We retain data collected through queries made through websites for 1 year;
  • Information obtained through cookies on websites is stored for 540 days.

After the expiry of the retention period, paper-based personal data shall be destroyed and electronic personal data deleted. If you would like more information on the retention periods applicable to personal data stored about you, please contact us using the contact details on the Contact page.

Hotellide Operaator OÜ guarantees data subjects all rights arising from applicable legislation. When processing your personal data, the client have the following rights:

  • The right to access data, which means that the client has the right to ask at any time whether Hotellide Operaator OÜ has personal information about them and the right to receive information about what personal data Hotellide Operaator OÜ processes about them;
  • the right to request that Hotellide Operaator OÜ corrects personal data if it is inadequate, incomplete or incorrect;
  • the right to object, which means that the client has the right to object to the processing of personal data by Hotellide Operaator OÜ;
  • the right to request deleting personal data, which means that the client has the right to request that Hotellide Operaator OÜ deletes personal data, for example, when personal data is processed with your consent and you have withdrawn your consent;
  • the right to restrict processing, which means that the client has the right to request that Hotellide Operaator OÜ restricts the processing of personal data, for example if Hotellide Operaator OÜ no longer needs client’s personal data for processing purposes or if you object to the processing;
  • the right to withdraw your consent of processing personal data if the processing of personal data is based on your consent;
  • the right to receive the data submitted to Hotellide Operaator OÜ electronically in writing or in a commonly used electronic format and, if technically possible, to request that Hotellide Operaator OÜ transfers this data to a third party service provider;
  • the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, which means that if the client finds that their rights in relation to the processing of your personal data have been violated, the client can contact the Data Protection Inspectorate at info@aki.ee.

Please note that the rights listed in this chapter are not unlimited. In certain cases, the rights of other data subjects, the legitimate interests of Hotellide Operaator OÜ or the legal obligations of Hotellide Operaator OÜ may limit your rights.

To exercise your rights regarding the processing of personal data or to submit requests for the processing of personal data, please contact us using the contact details provided on the “Contact” tab. We will always try to respond to your requests and questions as quickly as possible.

The applicable terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, questions about how Hotellide Operaator OÜ processes your personal data, or if you would like to submit a request for personal data processing, please contact Hotellide Operaator OÜ by email, telephone or mail to the following contact:

Hotellide Operaator OÜ

Address: Mõisavahe 21, Tartu 51004

Phone: 5620 3823

E-mail: info@citystop.ee

The contact details of the Hotellide Operaator OÜ data protection officer are:

E-mail: hiid@hiid.ee