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General buying conditions

Welcome to accommodation centre Citystop's (Hotellide Operaator OÜ) general buying and selling conditions. Please make sure to read the terms and conditions before booking with us to avoid any inconveniences later.

The client’s service basket is created from the moment the client has selected the room(s) with the dates they want to book by pressing the “Add” or “Add service” button. After that it is possible to continue browsing the accommodation periods or to make other bookings. Services in the cart can be added, changed or deleted before placing an order. Click on the “book your accommodation” button to start booking.

When confirming the order, you will receive a prepayment invoice, which can be paid instantly via bank link, Visa/Mastercard or bank transfer. An invoice and a confirmation letter will also be sent to client’s email address if the client would like to pay for the booking by bank transfer.

If by any reason the payment via bank link fails, there is an option to make a bank transfer. To pay by bank transfer, please use the invoice that has been sent to the client’s e-mail. Transfer should be done to Hotellide Operaator OÜt (Swedpank EE542200221078424743). Please note the invoice number issued while making the transfer. All the necessary information to make the transfer will be displayed immediately after placing your order.

A booking confirmation will be sent along with all necessary information to your e-mail address. A booking confirmation will be sent to you by email within few hours. We expect the bill to be paid by transfer within 2 business days after placing your order. When the transfer will not reach to us within 2 days, we have the right to cancel the booking and can not guarantee a new booking as this is a subject upon availability. If your booking’s check-in date is the date of arrival, the transfer must be done before check-in.

The currency of www.citystop.ee online store is euro (€). All prices in www.citystop.ee online shop include 9% VAT. Payment getaway is provided by Montonio Finance OÜ.

By booking accommodation through www.citystop.ee, you accept the respective rules of the service provider in cases of cancellation and non-appearance.

Clients are able to use cupon codes when accommodation centre Citystop has discounts or campaigns. Cupon codes are shared on our Facebook page or home page. Cupon codes can be used, when the client adds the chosen apartment with the dates to the “basket”, in the check out there is a box “click here to enter your code”. After entering the code click “apply coupon” and the discount will appear. Coupon codes that are expired can not be used. In case Hotellide Operaator OÜ is not able to accommodate the client, the money paid for the accommodation will be refunded to the client with the given discount (if they used the code). Given coupon codes can be used only in www.starest.ee home page and are refundable or exchangeble for money.

The total amount of the booking will be charged and the booking is non-refundable. If it is not possible for the customer to arrive during the booked stay, please contact us at www.starest.ee and we will offer you other dates for your accommodation. In case of cancellation, the client must consider the fact that the booking will not be refunded. If by some reason (overbooking etc.) Accommodation centre Citystop can not provide accommodation for the client on the booked dates, the total amount of the reservation will be refunded to the client. (VÕS § 55 (1,2))