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Hotel Citystop is more than happy to welcome groups in every size and age. For many years now we have accommodated many different types of groups:  those of schoolchildren, students, athletes, sports teams, group involved with music and various cultural events and performances and  tourists group from all over the world including Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. When accommodating groups we remain flexible to cater to the needs and wishes of the group-members. We can combine our single, twin, triple rooms with extra beds to find the best possible accommodation plan while the quality of the accommodation and price are in perfect balance. Family packages that we offer are also perfectly suitable for an entire group. Additional information about our packages can be found here.

Depending on the size of the groups we offer a group discount on our regular prices.

We provide, if ordered, a sumptuous continental breakfast to the group together with accommodation reservations, groups can pre-order lunch, brunch, dinners and suppers.

In order to get a good offer, Please contact our sales team: helen.henno@citystop.ee



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